One stop for complete masterbatch solution

Manufacturing Competence

The Production Lines include:

  • Kneader & Extruder line
  • Specifically designed high speed mixers high end computerized gravimetric feeding systems sophisticated, fully computerized process control systems which ensures consistent product quality, and improved productivity, enabling faster delivery to customers
  • Electronically controlled automatic weighing and bagging systems provide for accurate weighing and packaging, eliminating wastage and facilitating faster final packaging
  • Extensive and well laid out raw material and finished goods stores and excellent
  • Computerized inventory management systems facilitates fast, efficient, cost saving movement of raw materials and finished goods/li>
  • Advanced dust collection systems using sophisticated pollution control technology avoids particulate contamination and ensures a dust free internal and external environment
  • Separate facility for manufacturing Black Masterbatches to ensure clean environment and stops cross contamination
  • High speed underwater pelletizers

These efficient production capacities ensure scales of operations, consistent product quality and lower production time enabling faster delivery to the customers.

We have always believed in investing in newer and more efficient technologies that focus on high quality and cost- competitive manufacturing.